West Virginia Interhash 2018!!

We're using Hash Rego this year!

Go here for rego: WVIH 2018 Rego!


  1. Go to WVIH 2018 Rego
  2. Click the green button that says "Click here to Rego now!" (It's immediately below the banner at the top of the page.)
  3. Provide your name and home kennel in the fields provided, then click the green "Rego Now" button
  4. Pay your rego with the next page. 

You may also pay direct via PayPal using the "Friends and Family" option, sending to westvirginiainterhash -at- gmail -dot- com

For Step #4, above, and just in case you missed the payment page on HashRego (I did), here's the payment button:

Rego Options
Turkey or Eagle? (Trail Preference)
Hash Name
Full Nerd Name

**For details about the campout, including the Who's Cumming list, go to WVIH 2018 Rego**

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