Grand Mattress:

Scissor Me Tinders


G.I. Ho

Walkie Talkie

Hash Flash(es):


Unscrupulous Counselor:

Webmasturbating and Hash Trash: 

Stikii Cntrlr


Description of Roles

Grand Mattress - The GM is the administrative leader of the kennel and is the first point of contact for any MBH3 business.

Religious Advisor - The RA is the ceremonial leader of the kennel.  He is responsible for blessing the hash, chalk talk, naming ceremonies, and conducting the venerated Circle Ceremony.
Song Meister - The member of mismanagement tasked with leading down-down songs and teaching new songs to the pack.

On-Sec - The On-Sec is in charge of hash records, rosters, event coordination, and recording mismanagement meetings.

Hare Raiser - The Hare Raiser has the unenviable task of assigning hares for future trails.  If no one volunteers and no one agrees to hare for the week, the Hare Raiser becomes the de facto hare.

De-Virginator - The Devirginator is responsible for inducting virgins into the hash and misguiding them through their first r*n.

Hash Cash/Treasurer - Hash Cash is charged with overseeing the financial resources of the hash.

Hash Flash - Hash Flash is the official photographer of the kennel.  She is also responsible for collecting photographic evidence from the pack for each r*n.

Hash Trash - Hash Trash is the kennel scribe.  He is tasked with documenting hash activities past and present.

Human of Mismanagement - Offers counsel in matters of the Kennel.

Hashers who have volunteered to help Mismanagement:

  • Ds Get Degrees, 
  • Free Sexx, 
  • Lesbi Friends, 
  • Liqher Hard, 
  • Turd Burglar