MountainBeers Hash House Harriers

MBH3 is the premier drinking club of Morgantown, WV. The kennel was formed in May 2012 as an alternative to the town’s Tuesday night hash. During the spring and summer we meet every Thursday at 6pm HST (Hash Standard Time) for Pre-Lube. On-out is roughly 7pm HST. During the cold months we meet every two weeks at the same time. Don’t let the harsh weather fool you; some of our greatest adventures occur in blizzards and monsoons. MountainBeer trails generally include three lengthy beer-nears and three to five decidedly non-lengthy miles of terrain.

A hash is an all-inclusive event. Everyone is welcome, but if you want to drink it will cost you just twenty-one years of life (plus hash cash). Virgins run free!

MBH3 is very active on the group facebook page. We coordinate all events and extracurriculars there, so come pay us a visit!

Why join us on trail? Because we’re a drinking club with a r*nning problem; we love shiggy; we can’t help being lewd, crude, and socially unacceptable; and while we know that growing old is unavoidable, we also know that growing up is completely optional!


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  2. Piggy Style is Awesome!!! He hashed with us last night!!! Carolina Larrikins cum join us one day. I hope I can cum hash with you all one day as well... on on

  3. BullShitWhistle & Beastie Ality will be visiting Sheperdstown on Wednesday 25th night, anyone up for drinking practice.
    Beastie is from Bemidji Hash and BSW is from the Tahoe Kennel.
    fleashon at icloud.