Monday, April 23, 2018

The Troubles of Sharing Private Group Events

It is with some regret that Mountainbeers H3 are presently unable to share events publicly. We are working hard to come up with a solution that maintains or privacy while allowing us to share our goings-on.

So far, we have tried a convoluted solution of sharing all the events to which one private Facebook account was invited. That involved getting an iCal link, putting it into Google Calendar, and then sharing the Google Calendar. Up until today (23 Apr 2018), that seemed like a semi-viable solution. That was until an event sponsored by a suspended member came up on the feed. (sigh)

Presently, the kennel is reviewing the idea of using a public-facing Facebook Page to share events. This might allow us to filter spam end-users and undesirable random people from invading kennel privacy.

We focus so much on privacy because we do get drunk, we do have fun, we use nicknames to remain a little more anonymous when we run around town, and we don't need our employers, family, or other friends to know what we do, except by invitation.

I hope all that's understandable and reasonable.

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