Thursday, September 11, 2014

Trail 72 - Animal House Furry Hash

Hash Trash
MountainBeers Trail 72 - Animal House Furry Hash

by Double Dribble

So here's what i remember. We started at Nexi-Can-I's place, where there was a cooler filled with jungle juice and fruit. The hares wanted an unreasonable head start and the beer had to come back out of the house to kill some time.

We took off and did a good job making it to the first beer near, a place Reverend called Shantytown. We tried - somewhat successfully - to remember No Caulk Included's awesome weekday song and took a few pics. Rip n Dip stole the lone prized possession of the homeless person clearly squatting by the river, a tennis racket (naughty-naughty).

After that, we backtracked, as instructed, to the main path (it's the paved one we end up on a lot). The cover of darkness and inexperienced hashers made for some confusion. I was separated from the group with two others (Dick Ninja and a NFHN, I think). We finally found our way back and met up with the rest of the hares near Clutch I think. A few more blocks and we tried to solicit more virgins to join, but lazily they declined.

We made our way into the woods, only to find that the platform overlooking the gorgeous industrial plant was removed and we had to rest in the dirt. A long round of "i used to work in Chicago" was enjoyed by all. One virgin even added "respect she wanted, and respect she got because I'm a nice guy".

On on up the hill and through some shiggy. We wound up back in town and made it to the third beer near. I have no idea where this place is. We had jello shots once we arrived there. There's an overturned couch at the end of the road and a shiggy hill behind the couch. To the right is a wall of rock and it's covered with fencing to hold it I believe. Many hashers were vallef upon to recount the stories that earned them their names, including liq her and hog tied. From there everyone knew mexi-can-is place was the last stop, and the last leg was a leisurely stroll for some. I ended up talking to Josh Kurnott and mexi-can-is neighbors and missed most of circle. Apparently border patrol called herself into circle for something.

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