Thursday, June 19, 2014

Trail 59 - White Trash Hash

Hash Trash
MountainBeers Trail 59 - White Trash Hash
by Cock Fight
It was the trashiest, hashiest hash ever! The 59th MtnBH3 White Trash Hash was hared by Ole Facefull & Wyld Stallion. Trail started near Marios at Facefulls place. 17 trashy hounds showed up, tramp stamps, preggo bellies, trucker hats n more. We were lookin good. The weather was hot and even more humid so in white trash fashion, well, we were pretty lazy. Wetspot is our all-time walker, and I do believe he was ahead of me half the trail... 

The first BN was just past a lovely doublewide mobile home, it had a small yard but they made every foot count with various plastic kiddie pools, swingsets, and car parts. We took a trashy photo and moved on trail, running through Sabraton, and eventually moving into the Forest Ave trails, where we found our next BN amidst a wooded bridge. I should point out that the honorable hares splurged a bit and had some fancy beer on trail. I decided Miller Lite was just too classy for my taste buds and stuck with the Busch.

After this it was on-in. There was a trail laid, but I(CockFight) wouldn't know that.. I was distracted by a stray cat, which wasn't friendly, decided to take a piss, and was interrupted by NFHN Ryan & Virgin Maggie who informed me I was pissing behind the on-in house... Yes yes, we shortcutted, but we knew our punishment was cumming, and took our down-downs. 

In circle we pondered some namings, heard a fantastic story from Liqher Hard(if you weren't there, you'll want to ask him sometime), and drank our hearts out. 

A short hash, but an enjoyable one. Props to the hare/harriette. A good time was had by all.

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