Thursday, June 12, 2014

Trail 58 - You Gon' Get Wet

Hash Trash 
MountainBeers Trail 58 - You Gonna Get Wet 
by Well Drilled

Trail laid by veteran hares CockFight and TurdBurglar! It was the shiggiest, waterfalliest, water ballooniest, water water everywhere hash mountainBEERS has ever had! We were soaked after our awesome kickball game when mother nature decided to get us WET which was a great start to You Gonna Get Wet. Then we shiggied our way to and through white park where we had a massive water balloon fight at the first BN the hares so graciously set up in advance. Man was there a lot of rubber! We continued to follow our hounds on a shiggylicious adventure to the reservoir and when the hounds arrived, there were inflatables (crocodiles, whales, loungers, oh my!) already BLOWN up and the BEER and the HARES were floating in the middle of the reservoir. ON-IN to the water you glorious hashers to get somma dat second BN! 

New hounds and shy hounds stood in for lifeguard duty as the brave hounds dove in to get some libations. Squirt gun fights and beer galore until we left the reservoir and continued on the trail to a raging waterfall. Here some hounds got out of hand so we had to throw in some stern words and continue on the trail to BN#3. It was a hash full of adventure, fun, and shiggy! All the hounds were thoroughly impressed with the hash-planning shittiness of CockFight and TurdBurglar. whoop! whoop! Best summer hash yet!

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