Thursday, December 5, 2013

Trail 40 - Christmas Hash n Bash

Hash Trash
MountainBeers Trail 40 - Christmas Hash n Bash
by Cock Fight

NFHN Anne certainly made up for her last trail with last nights hash. This was one of the shittiest ever!! 
We all met at Genes for prelube. Due to the dismal weather, we were expecting a poor turnout but as they typically do, the hashers came thru(SO to Alex) and most everyone had donned their gay apparel. Good job guys! 

After several pitchers, Anne set out on what would become a 5 mile trail. God must love his hashers, because the rain stopped as the hounds started trail. We reaked havoc thru downtown, the giant cock frightened many a lady, and we made it to
BN #1 McClafferty's Irish Pub.
NFHN Anne had half the bar full of pints for her hounds, very thoughtful she was, to give us so many dry, warm BN's. I certainly needed a break from that giant cock suit. We sang a few songs and enjoyed our brews.

Then we were off again, getting a bit mixed up around the Beechhurst PRT station but the hounds left none behind. A random, small Asian girl was terrified of the cock(but then again, they probably arent used to cocks that big), Anni led us through the Mtn Lair, and that was quite entertaining, probably more so for the students than us, judging by the 100 cell phones that popped up immediately.
Trail then led to a huge friggin hill that seemed to never end, thank god we found

BN #2 Town Hill Tavern
We woke up the sleepy little bar with our raucous debauchery, and our unorthodox "Christmas Carrols". Whether they truly enjoyed our company, or not, its hard to tell, but we certainly had fun. Thanks for the 3 pitchers Anne. This harriette has swag.
Trail led us back downhill, past Mario's, and into the woods where we found

BN #3 nestled against a tree.
When the hounds realized the beer near was Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, something like a howl was let out, as this was several of the hounds favorite brew. Man the kicks just kept cumming on this trail. At this point the rain decided it could hold off no longer, but we had no fucks to give, as were all quite loose by this time.

Trail led us back to Genes, funny how that works, and we led a great circle. There was some cocks shown, a bare ass, and TOO MANY ASS SLAPS! ow. Lots of great names were proposed for NFHN Anne, and we all need to ponder on these heavily as this harriette greatly deserves a name. VirginTom was devirginized, and i do believe, now a devout hasher.
SHITTY HASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. LiqHerHard's mustache is gone...


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