Thursday, November 21, 2013

Trail 39 - Pick-up Hash

Hash Trash
MountainBeers Trail 39 - Pick-up Trail
by Cock Fight

Realize its late, but i believe the last hash was deserving of a hash trash. The pickup hash begun at the Morgantown brewing company while hounds satisfied their thirst with fine crafted ales. Unbeknownst to her, Old Facefull found the hounds while out with her brother and was convinced to join trail.. 

Dr. Flatus led the first leg of the trail, and it was certainly a long leg, taking us in a masterful circle chalk full of checks and false trails before the BN was found in a well. (oh and we ended up in the basement of the porn shop again...) Nice nighttime view of downtown from westover.

Cockfight then led the hounds across the river, and over to The Lobby Bar of hotel Morgan. After a lengthy stop NFHN ROBIN and NFHN TODD took us back through South Park, where we eventually made our way back to brewpub. Dr. Flatus had a lovely stash of tasty beers in his car, so we brought the.cooler to the river dock at the park and had a shitty circle on the water! Virgin Jamie was initiated into the shittiest *unning club ever and we had two much needed namings. NFHN Todd is now 

ReSquirtle(please ask him why, but maybe not while eating) and NFHN Marcus is now SnowBalls!.

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