Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trail 31

Hash Trash 
MountainBeers Trail 31
by NFHN Annie

Wellll that was the sloppiest shitty trail ever laid by mountainBEERS. 

NFHNJared and NFHN Andrew did a really shitty job. First there was way too much beer because the rain scared everyone away. Then we had a brown bag near with some whipped cream delight in a bottle that was liquor-licious and Gus (not his hash name but i can't remember) fell in love, but no LIQHER was to be found, and then we had shiggy, more beer, moonshine, shiggy, and more R*NnINg with shenanigans. Our numbers were few, but our spirits were high!  NFHN Kevin , joined up the shiggy trail late but because the hares were so SHITTY he could easily find the group and join in our shenanigans! 

Flour is DA BOMB and MountainBEERS is SO GOOD at marking the TRAIL! I mean shitty! This was no 9-25 miler hash, it was under 5 which is good because you young'uns are wearing us old folks out. I left you early but heard about late night shenanigans and memory loss. One should always remember after a whipped cream brown bag near and a moonshine near to be completely reckless while partying downtown. SHITTY SHITTY HASH!

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