Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trail 19 - Child's Play

Hash Trash 
MountianBeers Trail 19 - Child's Play
by Moneyshot

In other news, the child's play mountainbeers HHH hash took place yesterday evening. The group met up for choir practice and coloring at Black Bear Burritos in downtown Morgantown. Excitement was abound, as several wvhhh participants(anal, lindsey 1, julie and olie?)made their inaugural appearance with mountainbeers. Their initial apprehension was removed and I am certain they left with fond memories and newfound friends.

As for the trail, it was laid masterfully by NFHN Anne under the watchful eye of moneyshot. As is often the case, the hounds did not agree with the hare markings and decided to create their own. This led to the hard working hares being caught on more than one occasion. Fear not as the hares were harmlessly released each time for more trail markings.

A few hounds were fortunate or unfortunate enough to locate all the BNs. Special recognition goes out to Anne's sweet mother for preparing the most lovely BN, complete with an assortment of fine bottled beverages and the delectable rabbit patay that was simply to die for. I'm sure it was also a night she won't soon forget of meeting such lively and colorful characters. 

Lucy, at Genes beer garden was her pleasant and loving self. Please stop in and see her. Don't forget to tell her Moneyshot rules.

The night concluded at Black Bear with laughs, eats and drinks. Major award of the evening went to LiquorHard, for best dressed as a whoopie cushion with bunny ears. Quadzilla took a walk on the wild side, no doubt due to BN #2 or #1 or whatever order they were visited. As he was forced to call his resting, pregnant wife to come drive his soused ass home. Kudos for being responsible Quad. The night ended with the meeting moving to 123 and allegedly a "brief" visit to Vice Versa.

All in all a classic cluster hash. Didn't hear too much complaining as good times were had by all.
Shitty trail, shitty trail

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