Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trail 21 - Adults Over 21 Hash

Hash Trash 
MountainBeers Trail 21 - Adults Over 21 Hash
by LiqHer Hard

MBH3 Adult Over 21 Hash was yesterday, Here's what you missed.

Flatus's trail was Clit trail short wet and awesome. We all met at Cottrell's Country Store which I for one couldn't find (thank you iPhone Maps for getting me lost) once the hounds finally arrived, Rounds where ordered for all courtesy of Tit Tack Smuggler, then a pizza (which i think all would recommend) was ordered and more beer was imbibed by the always thirsty MountainBeers. 

After about an hour of drinking, meeting chatting joking and a few songs sung at the request of our friendly barkeep Hounds and Hares were ON-OUT, due to the weather some of the marks got a bit doughy well marked. Over zealous FRB new cummer and Virgin Alex hit many YBF and false trails, while freshly popped NFHN Markus, NFHN Jared and NFHN Pilar followed blindly in his wake. 

The weather held out for our nobel hares by the grace of the Hash Gods though by the end everyone was nice and wet due to the trail taking a turn through the woods. We had a shitty BeerNear with Shitty Beer in short ugly bottles and LiqHer Hard wound up on his ass after his Not hashing enough ass broke the log he was sitting on. 

After that it was ON-IN where the Pimps (people who just show up at the end or beernears) Money Shot TiTS decided to magically appear along with the beer and the new RA took a whack at his new dooties and managed to struggle through some sort of a semblance of a circle. In the end I believe everyone had fun and plan to join our growing Kennel for more trails to cum. ON-ON

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