Friday, April 5, 2013

Trail 16 - Red Dress R*n

Hash Trash
MountainBeers Trail 16 - Red Dress R*n
by LiqHer Hard

What a shit hash. Flatus laid our trail starting from 123 pleasant street. This was MountainBeers H3's second anal Red Dress R_n. for those of you who missed out. Here is a slight recap of the antics had. 

Flatus bought everyone some beer at 123 for chore practice we promptly left at 6pm hash time. Shortly after on out walkers and r_nners split for their respective trails though they met periodically thought the trail and there was much rejoicing. Later at the beer near the hounds let the hare down and left 2-3 beers but they where kindly donated to the local parking lot wiffle ball team. 

We ran into a few issues with NPCs erasing marks and so the r_nners got lost before the final stop at the porn shop to visit NFHN Rhiannon . Trail was lost by the runners when they attempted the eagle trail. But down downs where had with much merriment at 123 pleasant street where our resident mattress was oh so kind enough to provide a block of ice for the circle.

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