Thursday, December 5, 2013

Trail 40 - Christmas Hash n Bash

Hash Trash
MountainBeers Trail 40 - Christmas Hash n Bash
by Cock Fight

NFHN Anne certainly made up for her last trail with last nights hash. This was one of the shittiest ever!! 
We all met at Genes for prelube. Due to the dismal weather, we were expecting a poor turnout but as they typically do, the hashers came thru(SO to Alex) and most everyone had donned their gay apparel. Good job guys! 

After several pitchers, Anne set out on what would become a 5 mile trail. God must love his hashers, because the rain stopped as the hounds started trail. We reaked havoc thru downtown, the giant cock frightened many a lady, and we made it to
BN #1 McClafferty's Irish Pub.
NFHN Anne had half the bar full of pints for her hounds, very thoughtful she was, to give us so many dry, warm BN's. I certainly needed a break from that giant cock suit. We sang a few songs and enjoyed our brews.

Then we were off again, getting a bit mixed up around the Beechhurst PRT station but the hounds left none behind. A random, small Asian girl was terrified of the cock(but then again, they probably arent used to cocks that big), Anni led us through the Mtn Lair, and that was quite entertaining, probably more so for the students than us, judging by the 100 cell phones that popped up immediately.
Trail then led to a huge friggin hill that seemed to never end, thank god we found

BN #2 Town Hill Tavern
We woke up the sleepy little bar with our raucous debauchery, and our unorthodox "Christmas Carrols". Whether they truly enjoyed our company, or not, its hard to tell, but we certainly had fun. Thanks for the 3 pitchers Anne. This harriette has swag.
Trail led us back downhill, past Mario's, and into the woods where we found

BN #3 nestled against a tree.
When the hounds realized the beer near was Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, something like a howl was let out, as this was several of the hounds favorite brew. Man the kicks just kept cumming on this trail. At this point the rain decided it could hold off no longer, but we had no fucks to give, as were all quite loose by this time.

Trail led us back to Genes, funny how that works, and we led a great circle. There was some cocks shown, a bare ass, and TOO MANY ASS SLAPS! ow. Lots of great names were proposed for NFHN Anne, and we all need to ponder on these heavily as this harriette greatly deserves a name. VirginTom was devirginized, and i do believe, now a devout hasher.
SHITTY HASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. LiqHerHard's mustache is gone...


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Trail 39 - Pick-up Hash

Hash Trash
MountainBeers Trail 39 - Pick-up Trail
by Cock Fight

Realize its late, but i believe the last hash was deserving of a hash trash. The pickup hash begun at the Morgantown brewing company while hounds satisfied their thirst with fine crafted ales. Unbeknownst to her, Old Facefull found the hounds while out with her brother and was convinced to join trail.. 

Dr. Flatus led the first leg of the trail, and it was certainly a long leg, taking us in a masterful circle chalk full of checks and false trails before the BN was found in a well. (oh and we ended up in the basement of the porn shop again...) Nice nighttime view of downtown from westover.

Cockfight then led the hounds across the river, and over to The Lobby Bar of hotel Morgan. After a lengthy stop NFHN ROBIN and NFHN TODD took us back through South Park, where we eventually made our way back to brewpub. Dr. Flatus had a lovely stash of tasty beers in his car, so we brought the.cooler to the river dock at the park and had a shitty circle on the water! Virgin Jamie was initiated into the shittiest *unning club ever and we had two much needed namings. NFHN Todd is now 

ReSquirtle(please ask him why, but maybe not while eating) and NFHN Marcus is now SnowBalls!.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Trail 33

Hash Trash 
MountainBeers Trail 33
by Show Cock

What a trail! The run itself wasn't the longest, but the drinking sure was. The hounds killed 4 30 packs and an entire bottle of Vodka like it was orange juice! 3 beer nears, one on a roof of a campus building downtown, and a liquor near on the PRT!

Boy did we freak out all those freshmen! The hounds and hares were so raucous and loud that it was necessary to leave the planned end. luckily NFHN Bri lived across the street and circle was reconvened, and reconvened again after being yelled at by a neighbor... RUTH was looking to get Lik'ed Hard, or take a Moneyshot to the face... Seriously late hashers, Drama Queen Bitch, Cream of Sheep, and the lovely NFHN Natasha found the circle, representing Peach Fuzz H3 from GA. The circle quickly became out of control when NFHN Pilar repeatedly received unwanted attention, Sorry AG! But the discrepancy was short-lived and the hounds went on with their drunken escapades, eventually ending up at 4th n Goal for terrible Karaoke... I blacked out here, so unfortunately i can't add any more to this hash ... But Congratulations DQB and COS, who are getting married tomorrow(they met at a hash)!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trail 31

Hash Trash 
MountainBeers Trail 31
by NFHN Annie

Wellll that was the sloppiest shitty trail ever laid by mountainBEERS. 

NFHNJared and NFHN Andrew did a really shitty job. First there was way too much beer because the rain scared everyone away. Then we had a brown bag near with some whipped cream delight in a bottle that was liquor-licious and Gus (not his hash name but i can't remember) fell in love, but no LIQHER was to be found, and then we had shiggy, more beer, moonshine, shiggy, and more R*NnINg with shenanigans. Our numbers were few, but our spirits were high!  NFHN Kevin , joined up the shiggy trail late but because the hares were so SHITTY he could easily find the group and join in our shenanigans! 

Flour is DA BOMB and MountainBEERS is SO GOOD at marking the TRAIL! I mean shitty! This was no 9-25 miler hash, it was under 5 which is good because you young'uns are wearing us old folks out. I left you early but heard about late night shenanigans and memory loss. One should always remember after a whipped cream brown bag near and a moonshine near to be completely reckless while partying downtown. SHITTY SHITTY HASH!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trail 21 - Adults Over 21 Hash

Hash Trash 
MountainBeers Trail 21 - Adults Over 21 Hash
by LiqHer Hard

MBH3 Adult Over 21 Hash was yesterday, Here's what you missed.

Flatus's trail was Clit trail short wet and awesome. We all met at Cottrell's Country Store which I for one couldn't find (thank you iPhone Maps for getting me lost) once the hounds finally arrived, Rounds where ordered for all courtesy of Tit Tack Smuggler, then a pizza (which i think all would recommend) was ordered and more beer was imbibed by the always thirsty MountainBeers. 

After about an hour of drinking, meeting chatting joking and a few songs sung at the request of our friendly barkeep Hounds and Hares were ON-OUT, due to the weather some of the marks got a bit doughy well marked. Over zealous FRB new cummer and Virgin Alex hit many YBF and false trails, while freshly popped NFHN Markus, NFHN Jared and NFHN Pilar followed blindly in his wake. 

The weather held out for our nobel hares by the grace of the Hash Gods though by the end everyone was nice and wet due to the trail taking a turn through the woods. We had a shitty BeerNear with Shitty Beer in short ugly bottles and LiqHer Hard wound up on his ass after his Not hashing enough ass broke the log he was sitting on. 

After that it was ON-IN where the Pimps (people who just show up at the end or beernears) Money Shot TiTS decided to magically appear along with the beer and the new RA took a whack at his new dooties and managed to struggle through some sort of a semblance of a circle. In the end I believe everyone had fun and plan to join our growing Kennel for more trails to cum. ON-ON

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trail 19 - Child's Play

Hash Trash 
MountianBeers Trail 19 - Child's Play
by Moneyshot

In other news, the child's play mountainbeers HHH hash took place yesterday evening. The group met up for choir practice and coloring at Black Bear Burritos in downtown Morgantown. Excitement was abound, as several wvhhh participants(anal, lindsey 1, julie and olie?)made their inaugural appearance with mountainbeers. Their initial apprehension was removed and I am certain they left with fond memories and newfound friends.

As for the trail, it was laid masterfully by NFHN Anne under the watchful eye of moneyshot. As is often the case, the hounds did not agree with the hare markings and decided to create their own. This led to the hard working hares being caught on more than one occasion. Fear not as the hares were harmlessly released each time for more trail markings.

A few hounds were fortunate or unfortunate enough to locate all the BNs. Special recognition goes out to Anne's sweet mother for preparing the most lovely BN, complete with an assortment of fine bottled beverages and the delectable rabbit patay that was simply to die for. I'm sure it was also a night she won't soon forget of meeting such lively and colorful characters. 

Lucy, at Genes beer garden was her pleasant and loving self. Please stop in and see her. Don't forget to tell her Moneyshot rules.

The night concluded at Black Bear with laughs, eats and drinks. Major award of the evening went to LiquorHard, for best dressed as a whoopie cushion with bunny ears. Quadzilla took a walk on the wild side, no doubt due to BN #2 or #1 or whatever order they were visited. As he was forced to call his resting, pregnant wife to come drive his soused ass home. Kudos for being responsible Quad. The night ended with the meeting moving to 123 and allegedly a "brief" visit to Vice Versa.

All in all a classic cluster hash. Didn't hear too much complaining as good times were had by all.
Shitty trail, shitty trail

Friday, April 5, 2013

Trail 16 - Red Dress R*n

Hash Trash
MountainBeers Trail 16 - Red Dress R*n
by LiqHer Hard

What a shit hash. Flatus laid our trail starting from 123 pleasant street. This was MountainBeers H3's second anal Red Dress R_n. for those of you who missed out. Here is a slight recap of the antics had. 

Flatus bought everyone some beer at 123 for chore practice we promptly left at 6pm hash time. Shortly after on out walkers and r_nners split for their respective trails though they met periodically thought the trail and there was much rejoicing. Later at the beer near the hounds let the hare down and left 2-3 beers but they where kindly donated to the local parking lot wiffle ball team. 

We ran into a few issues with NPCs erasing marks and so the r_nners got lost before the final stop at the porn shop to visit NFHN Rhiannon . Trail was lost by the runners when they attempted the eagle trail. But down downs where had with much merriment at 123 pleasant street where our resident mattress was oh so kind enough to provide a block of ice for the circle.